Help with registering

All future students of Swimming School Kalev must register at the webpage.

Invoices of tuition fees and information about the declaring of income to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board will be received through this webpage.

In addition to the info about the receiving of invoices, the parent can view their child’s training attendance  – it is updated weekly.

Enter the VEMI environment.

The guideline of registering to courses:

1. Having reached the VEMI page, the parent will initially have to register as a user(If you are already a user go to section 5).

2. Having entered information into all the necessary blanks and pressed „Registreeri“, an automated confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address which allows you to activate your account.

3. Having activated your account, another e-mail will be sent to you, which will contain the password  which you can use to enter the VEMI environment.

4. When you have entered the VEMI environment, you will need to fill some further necessary blanks and confirm them. You can also change your password to a more suiting one.

5. Now you have to go to subtab “Minu lepingud”. Start typing “Kalevi Ujumiskool” and search will give you the result “MTÜ Kalevi Ujumiskool” – choose that. Now you can read the contract after which you should agree with terms by clicking “Nõustun tingimustega ja liitun”.

6. Having entered all your data in “Minu andmed”, you will notice a strip at the bottom of the page where you can enter the information of your child, choose a swimming pool (Kalev SPA, English College or Tabasalu swimming pool – according to the location where the course takes place) and finally a training group.

7. Chech the data and press „Uuenda andmeid“

8. Registering more than one child is not difficult – after entering one you will have the chance to enter another one according to the guidelines in section 6 and 7. After this go to subtab “Minu lepingud” and check that everyone has a ticked box.

9. Your child has been registered and the confirmation e-mail will be sent to you in the next few days. If it hasn’t been sent in such time, please contact us

NB! If the course is full, there will immediately be information about it on our homepage. If you happen to miss that information,  there will also be information in the VEMI environment next to a course that is full.

In case of any problems with VEMI contact via e-mail
All other questions please contact us via e-mail